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John Armistead paints primarily in oil and watercolor.

"Gunn Gin," Oil, 24x36
"Houseboats at Sausalito, Calif." Oil, 24x36. (Armistead lived on the green houseboat in 1964. This painting was done primarily from memory.)
Wilson Barn, Oil, 12x16
Memory, Oil, 36x48
"Ethan" Oil 36x15
Haven of Rest, Oil, 24x30
Lee County, Oil, 36x48
Webster County, Oil, 24x36
Bitsy and Friend, Oil, 18x24
Endville Road, Oil, 36x48
"Hiroko," Oil, 24x30
Abandoned Cotton Gin, Ebony, Ark., Oil, 22x28
Amish Farm, Pontotoc County, Miss., Oil 30x40
"Madonna e Bambino," Oil, 24x30
"Marina Grande, Sorrento" Oil 24x36
Minneapolis Oil 24x30
"The Gift Giver" Oil 24x30
Bayou la Batre. Oil 24x36
"Aix-en-Provence" Oil 24x20
"Lauderdale County, Miss." Oil 22x28
"Blue Mountain, Miss." Oil 36x48
"Charlotte" Oil 48x36
"La Villa del Fantasma, Sant'Agnello, Italy" Oil 20x16
"Sun Studio, Memphis" Oil 20x16
"San Lozenzo a Merse" Oil 24x36
"Highland Park" Oil 40x30
"Old Merse River Bridge Near San Lorenzo a Merse, Tuscany," Oil, 11x14
"Aix-en-Provence" Watercolor 22x15
"Fish Hatchery, Tupelo" Watercolor 22x15
"Hotel La Tonnarella, Sorrento, Italy," Oil 20x24
"Cezanne's Studio, Aix-en-Provence" Oil 16x12