John Armistead

John Armistead

John Armistead with students at Northeast Middle School, Minneapolis, Minn.

John Armistead signs books for students at Citrus Grove Middle School in Miami, Fla. Armistead was invited by the Miami Book Fair International to speak to schools that had read "The Return of Gabriel"

John Armistead painting in the village of San Lorenze a Merse, Tuscany. (Photo by Marco Nannini)


I am a Mississippi author, painter, journalist and minister. This site will introduce you to some of the work I have done and what I am currently working on.

Currently, I am writing a historical novel set in Mobile, Alabama, in the mid-1800s.
Painting wise, I am doing several commissioned pieces in both watercolor and oil, and, at the same time, preparing for upcoming shows.

Everyday is an adventure. I look forward to the workday like a kid looks forward to Christmas morning. I get up around 4 a.m., almost always before, every day of the week. My wife insists I stay in bed till 3:30, and I am her obedient servant.

As a rule, I try to get in at least two hours of writing and at least three hours painting by noon. Busywork for both careers is done later in the day when my energies are waning.

It may not sound like a very exciting life ("What? No late night carousing?") but it is the only way I know to produce anything. Besides, I can't think of anything more exciting than putting a pen to paper or a brush to canvas.

Best wishes,

John Armistead

Selected Works

A Sheriff Grover Bramlett mystery
A Sheriff Grover Bramlett mystery
A Sheriff Bramlett mystery
Young adult fiction
A thirteen-year-old boy in Alabama visits his grandmother and learns about the violence of racism.
A thirteen-year-old boy is caught up in the violence of Mississippi in the summer of 1964.